I'm Soraya. I'm a self-taught artist living in West Java, Indonesia.

Artist statement.

My paintings explore daily life and life journey in a way it should be if there was no war and poverty. The rise of western art in 16th century that happened the same time as Indonesia was colonized by West Country perhaps why painting is not well-developed in my country.

Nevertheless, in my love of history, art, and slow living, I explore the beautiful quality of life in my art. The unfinished quality of my works is messy yet beautiful—depicting the reality of our life as a human being.

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Target saat ini

Target saat ini

Menuju 2020, sudah terpikir hal-hal yang mungkin bakal kuprioritaskan untuk tahun depan. Yang pasti, aku bakal banyak belajar, mengerjakan project, dan menghasilkan karya. Juga rutin upload di instagram dan di...