About Goals

inisoraya: tapi that's why we need goal
inisoraya: supaya tertuju pada itu
seiza_fuyuki: and then what we'll gonna do if we just want to reach that goal alone
seiza_fuyuki: and just abandon everything else?
seiza_fuyuki: this is life
seiza_fuyuki: although it's just a short time
seiza_fuyuki: and there's different kind of goal you could state
seiza_fuyuki: some kind might be need to be technical, until its root
seiza_fuyuki: but some kind doesn't need that
seiza_fuyuki: don't you agree with me?
seiza_fuyuki: have a plan in your life, could be reach differently
inisoraya: hmm..
inisoraya: iya emang

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