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Welcome to the studio! I'm Soraya Ahda, founder + illustrator at Oramuf Studio. We help new and established brand to their best hand-crafted design experience.

Oramuf history

I started freelancing as an illustrator (Oramuf ILLUSTRATION), along my part-time job as a online shop owner---selling baby food (I'm a mom of three, so pretty experienced in this field :p).

As time goes by almost 5 years until now, I left my part-time job and going fully as a designer.


Bringing my experiences as a business owner and previous bachelor degree in Accounting (more on "a little bit about me" below) to go all-out in brand identity design and illustrations work.

My dream is to combine those three aspects of my life into crafting unique visual for your brand!

I'm not alone!

For best serving my clients, occasionally I recruited my A-team to join me into this adventure! Yes, working in design is like adventure to us.

a little bit about me

I graduated from University of Indonesia, majoring in Accounting, and worked as a lecturer + consultant on the same campus. I always have strong a passion in drawing since I was a kid.


During work, I finally earned enough money and time to take courses in design and illustration (both online and offline) to sharpen my skills. I also did some illustration jobs along the way.

I quit my job after I have my first kid. At that time (until now) I draw here and there, whenever I have time. Currently, I have been doing illustrations for various types of customers: private customers, community, commercial, and government.

Now, as my children get older, I finally have (my-long-waited) opportunity to make design and illustration to become my full-time career! Yay!

Let's be friends!

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